Wooden balance bike Choppy has an innovative and handsome design and is made for kids up to four years of age. Choppy is manufactured from premium Latvian wood - birch plywood. It can be assembled as a construction game or building blocks without using any tools. Its packaging box has a board game printed on it, making Choppy even more fun.

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The balance bike is made out of Latvian-produced veneered birch plywood. In Latvia, ancient woodworking traditions intertwine with modern and innovative solutions. The country also produces premium quality birch plywood that is used in most of Choppy’s components. The bike doesn’t have the standard metal bearings and not even a single screw.

The packaging box is made out of FSC-certified cardboard and put together without glue. It’s durable and designed for long-term storage and transportation of the Choppy bike. The box can be used together or separately with its inlet with an adventure track printed on it.